Frequently Asked Questions

But our franchisor already gives us QR Codes?

It's great to know they are progressive.

No doubt the codes they supply will cause a mobile phone or tablet to load their website page featuring a particular listed property.  If you wanted to use this you would have to have it put onto the sign for that particular property - either at time of making the sign, or as a sticker later.

Feel free to ask your printer for quotes to do this.  We have done the exercise... we know it will take you a lot of time, and also cost about the same or more likely more than our setup fee.

Also - and this is the biggest point - that type of code WILL NOT ALERT YOU that a potential buyer is standing in front of your listing.

However, Instant-Info will alert you with the buyer's phone number... to your mobile and by email - instantly - as soon as they request the information.

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We tried SMS marketing, but it was too much work for our staff?

It can be a lot of work without the right software system in place, true. Here are two great solutions to this:
  1. We can give you a personalised web portal to our SMS marketing system, and you can upload your previously collected SMS numbers if you have them, programme your messages and do it all.  Any phone numbers collected by the Instant-Info system will be automatically added to your online database, and you can see which property interested the owner of that number.  This personal portal system has a monthly cost and that varies depending on the plan you choose.
  2. Use our "Done-for-You" SMS marketing service.  You tell us what messages you want to send and to what sort of responders, and we will do it all for you.  We make sure all your messages are in compliance with the ACA rules.
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Can’t young Johnny/Sally in our office make QR Codes for us?

No doubt they can, and these will work... on some phones.
  • But "codes aint codes."  In order to create Quick Response codes that will work on ALL smartphones - even older ones - you need to ensure certain error-safe mechanisms are used. You don't want to go to all that trouble and they don't work for the very person that you need it to.
  • The codes that Fair Go Communications makes for Instant-Info are engineered to the highest standards of error-management, meaning they will work with all QR scanners.
Besides, what will young Johhny/Sally's codes do?  Load a web page for the property?  That's a start, but the Instant-Info system also sends you - the agent - your prospect's phone number and which property  interests them.  And that's GOLD!

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What sort of records do we get?

At the time the interested person requests the information with their phone, you get a Text Message Alert (or more than one if you choose) and at least one Email (and as many duplicates to other addresses that you want) with their phone number, and the property of interest.
  • As well as this, you receive monthly reports for each property, showing...
  • how many people asked for information,
  • their phone numbers,
  • how many times they asked, and
  • if they unsubscribed from your "Listing Updates" notifications for that property.
  • You can import those numbers etc. into your own in-house SMS marketing system if you have one.
  • If you choose to have your own personal SMS web portal for your business, you have access to these reports at any time.
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What’s this “SMS Marketing” thing about?

SMS (Short Message Service, also known as Text Messaging) has become one of the most-used technologies of our time.
  • For someone like yourself marketing a product, it is an amazingly effective way to reach people.  Most text messages are read within 3 minutes, and they have a phenomenal "open rate" - well over 90%.  Put that up against email marketing, and Text Messaging wins hands down.
  • Compared to "scatter-gun" marketing like newspapers and magazines, you can laser-target your prospects with information that is super-relevant to them.  Therefore they WANT to read your messages.
  • Our SMS Marketing system also allows for personalisation - e.g. "Hi [FirstName]" becomes "Hi Mary" which increases open rates to almost 100%
  • Such a powerful method has attracted the attention of law-makers, and there are some rules to work by:  e.g. our system allows the recipient to "opt out" at any time they choose, and when we manage it for you, we include the mandatory sender information as well.
  • The hard part is often getting the phone number of a suitably interested person in the first place.  Fortunately for you, the Instant-Info system is great for that.
We can provide a personalised portal for "Do-it-yourself," or you can have our complete “Done-for-you” service,  managing…
  • your copywriting
  • your client database
  • targeting by location, age gender, previous purchases, etc
  • virtual mobile numbers for replies
  • in fact, all the “techy” bits
  • the legal requirements of Australian carriers.
Learn more at our website especially for mobile technology marketing. (Includes short video explaining SMS marketing) - -


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