What’s this “SMS Marketing” thing about?

SMS (Short Message Service, also known as Text Messaging) has become one of the most-used technologies of our time.

  • For someone like yourself marketing a product, it is an amazingly effective way to reach people.  Most text messages are read within 3 minutes, and they have a phenomenal “open rate” – well over 90%.  Put that up against email marketing, and Text Messaging wins hands down.
  • Compared to “scatter-gun” marketing like newspapers and magazines, you can laser-target your prospects with information that is super-relevant to them.  Therefore they WANT to read your messages.
  • Our SMS Marketing system also allows for personalisation – e.g. “Hi [FirstName]” becomes “Hi Mary” which increases open rates to almost 100%
  • Such a powerful method has attracted the attention of law-makers, and there are some rules to work by:  e.g. our system allows the recipient to “opt out” at any time they choose, and when we manage it for you, we include the mandatory sender information as well.
  • The hard part is often getting the phone number of a suitably interested person in the first place.  Fortunately for you, the Instant-Info system is great for that.

We can provide a personalised portal for “Do-it-yourself,” or you can have our complete “Done-for-you” service,  managing…

  • your copywriting
  • your client database
  • targeting by location, age gender, previous purchases, etc
  • virtual mobile numbers for replies
  • in fact, all the “techy” bits
  • the legal requirements of Australian carriers.

Learn more at our website especially for mobile technology marketing. (Includes short video explaining SMS marketing)

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