Can’t young Johnny/Sally in our office make QR Codes for us?

No doubt they can, and these will work… on some phones.

  • But “codes aint codes.”  In order to create Quick Response codes that will work on ALL smartphones – even older ones – you need to ensure certain error-safe mechanisms are used. You don’t want to go to all that trouble and they don’t work for the very person that you need it to.
  • The codes that Fair Go Communications makes for Instant-Info are engineered to the highest standards of error-management, meaning they will work with all QR scanners.

Besides, what will young Johhny/Sally’s codes do?  Load a web page for the property?  That’s a start, but the Instant-Info system also sends you – the agent – your prospect’s phone number and which property  interests them.  And that’s GOLD!

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